Data breached: Georgia voters’ information leaked online

Data breached Georgia voters information leaked online

Georgia voters’ information leaked on the internet after a major data breach of the voting software company “EasyVote”. Chief financial officer of EasyVote, Charles Davis informed that Information about voters was leaked on an online forum but the Social Security numbers or driving license numbers didn’t leak. Voter registration information can include names, addresses, races and dates of birth etc.

“EasyVote” is based in Woodstock, provides software for voter check-ins. The software uses local voter registration to print filled-in election applications for the voters whenever they arrive at the polls which reduce the paperwork needed to complete before the voter submit their vote. All those voters’ information is stored at an EasyVote online storage location. It is unclear how many voters were affected due to this breach. EasyVote came to know about the incident on January 31st, 2022. After that, “EasyVote” quickly disabled the access to that storage location and transferred the data to a new environment with more restricted security controls.

“EasyVote” is not a part of Georgia’s voting system. According to the secretary of state’s office, the Georgia voter registration system remained secure.

“EasyVote” contacted a law enforcement agency and has been working with a cybersecurity firm to determine the extent of the information that may have been exposed.


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